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Super prime service for properties with a value in excess of £2m.

Expert RICS surveyors who understand high value property, nuances of valuation, and complex building pathology.  

£2m+ Properties
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Why you need a Drone Roof Survey

Our expert and licensed drone surveyors will check the condition of your roof, chimneys and any hidden valleys. Hidden defects out of view can be very expensive to fix, and cause damage inside. Avoid nasty hidden surprises. 

Tell me why I need this?

Who owns and lives at the property? Does the seller actually own it? Can you obtain vacant possession? Do the boundaries match HM Land Registry plans? Our additional anti-fraud pack protects your investment. Highly recommended. 


Highly recommended – Up to 7 hours of your time & hundreds of pounds can be saved per person with SlothMove, including home removals. Protect your credit rating, avoid fines and reduce fraud risk, many benefits. 

Know the true value of your home

An independent RICS Regulated Market Valuation reflecting any issues found on site. RICS Reinstatement Insurance Valuation to provide to your buildings and contents insurer prior to exchange of contracts. Protect your investment. Highly recommended.

Unrivalled expertise. Exceptional service.

High value properties require detailed inspection and thorough due diligence.

We understand the need to move quickly, often discreetly, but most importantly with accuracy, care and diligence.

Our prime team provide initial feedback on the day of inspection, and remain available to you at all times. Modern mansions, country estates, traditional family homes and penthouses require differing skillsets, our team of experts have all basis covered. Everyone needs a surveyor to call upon as the eyes and ears to support their legal team. 

Protecting your prime property investment is vital.

Understanding the true condition and value of a property will enable you to proceed confidently in the knowledge your investment is sound. Property is an illiquid asset, it is vital you understand everything about your investment so there are no surprises.   

Swimming pools, tennis courts, outbuildings, paddocks and lakes are all spectacular additions, however they are also expensive to upkeep and maintain too. Understanding any defects in advance provides an opportunity for the Vendor to repair any issues, or assist you with a possible renegotiation. 

During a viewing it may feel uncomfortable to intrude on someone’s home, asking to see inside the loft, open up drains, find the services, or ask what a crack or damp stain is. As your surveyor, we are able to ask those questions, and inspect all parts of the property for you. An expert independent eye (without rose tinted glasses on) will help you protect your investment. 

Considering an extension, or substantial alterations?

Speak with your surveyor in advance about your plans. Meet them onsite, discuss your thoughts. We are independent and on your side. We are here to help you protect your investment. 

We work with your solicitor as their eyes and ears inside the property.

Did you know many mortgage lenders no longer inspect a property as part of a mortgage application?
Who is looking at your property for you?

Your solicitor won’t likely inspect either. With a metaphorical arm around your shoulder, our prime team is here to support you, providing confidence in your purchase.  

Speak with our dedicated Prime team for your free initial consultation – 020 8642 2999

Industry leaders

  • £3.5bn in property valued annually
  • 200 lending insitutions
  • 6500 properties inspected every year
  • 1st choice for national and international estate agents
  • Unrivalled access to considerable industry knowledge and RICS chartered expertise.


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“We have built an exceptional reputation for delivering survey & valuation services that enhance and protect real estate investments across the UK. My team and I are thrilled Sotheby’s, one of the world’s leading real estate agencies, has chosen to partner with us. As a valued client, you can trust us to deliver a bespoke, first class service that instils confidence and protects your investment, wherever you may bein the world.”

Joe Arnold, CEO. 


Distinguished service, and tailored support.

Established in 2007, we have worked with more than 200 lending institutions, estate agencies, solicitors, Royal Family members, celebrities and other high networth individuals from across the globe, in a single year valuing in excess of £3.2 billion of real estate.

Our expertise is complemented and enhanced by our continued investment in digital transformation, ensuring we have the technology in place to exceed your expectations.

You can trust us to serve you with respect, integrity, discretion and professionalism.



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