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Save thousands on expensive scaffolding – discover the unseen with precision from above with a profesional drone roof inspection survey.

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With our licensed drone roof surveyors at the helm, Arnold & Baldwin ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your property's hard-to-reach areas like roofs, chimneys, and hidden valleys.

Avoid the high costs and logistical complexities of scaffolding with our advanced drone technology that offers a safer, faster, and more economical solution.


Why is a drone roof survey the smart choice?

Avoid costly setups

Traditional roof inspections often require costly scaffolding or elevated platforms. Our drones eliminate this need, significantly reducing your inspection costs while still covering extensive areas, including high parapet walls and tall buildings.

Unbiased and detailed reporting

Unlike roofing contractors who might have a vested interest in identifying repairs, our drone roof surveys focus solely on providing you with accurate and essential information. Our goal is to highlight any issues, helping you make informed decisions about potential repairs or adjustments to your investment plans.

Early detection of hidden defects

Hidden defects can be expensive to repair, especially if they are left unnoticed over time. Our drones can spot these issues early, potentially saving you thousands in future repair costs. This is crucial for effective budgeting and property maintenance.

Enhance negotiation power

If you are considering buying a property, a detailed drone survey can reveal defects not apparent during initial viewings. This information can be vital for renegotiating purchase terms, ensuring you pay a fair price or prepare adequately for any necessary repairs.

Comprehensive coverage and reporting

Our process involves coordinating with you to find the most suitable time for the survey. Our certified drone operators then carry out a thorough inspection, capturing high-resolution images and videos. We assess these to provide a detailed report, which includes both visual evidence and expert analysis from our building surveyors.



  • Avoid costly setups
  • Unbiased and detailed reporting
  • Early detection of hidden defects
  • Enhance negotiation power


Protect your investment with confidence

A roof drone survey from Arnold & Baldwin not only saves you money on initial inspection costs but also provides peace of mind. You receive essential, accurate data about your property’s condition, allowing you to protect and manage your investment effectively.


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