Exclusive Anti Fraud Property Pack for Home Buyers

Exclusive Anti Fraud Pack

Secure Your Property Purchase.  Are you certain you know who owns the property you're buying? Is the property description accurate and truthful? With our Anti Fraud Pack, you can proceed with your purchase with confidence, knowing the details are verified and authentic.

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Secure Your Property Purchase

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What's included in the Anti Fraud Pack?

Occupier verification & utility bill check

Ensure the property is free from undisclosed tenancies or occupants—which could cause delays or legal troubles—by verifying the current occupiers against utility records.


Anti fraud security alert system

Stay informed with real-time alerts on any suspicious activity or threats related to your property transaction, safeguarding you from potential fraud.


ID theft background check

Protect yourself from identity fraud with thorough background checks on the identities associated with the property, ensuring they are legitimate and fraud-free.


Proven effectiveness

Our Anti Fraud Pack is trusted by industry leaders. For instance, the Lloyds Banking Group Fraud Prevention Unit successfully thwarted a multi-million pound mortgage fraud using our services. This showcases the robustness and reliability of our pack in detecting and preventing fraud.



  • Occupier Verification & Utility Bill Check
  • Anti Fraud Security Alert System
  • ID Theft Background Check
  • Proven Effectiveness



Why is the Anti Fraud Pack essential?

The reality of property fraud in the UK is alarming, with reported losses increasing by 71% in 2021 to £355.3 million. Here’s a breakdown of recent fraud types:

  • Impersonation scams: £129.4 million
  • Investment scams: £107.7 million
  • Fake invoice scams: £44.7 million
  • Counterfeit goods scams: £37.7 million
  • Non-delivery of services scams: £16.8 million
  • Romance scams: £15.1 million

These statistics underscore the critical need for comprehensive checks and verification processes during property transactions.


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Real-life impact: a cautionary tale

Consider the story reported by the BBC, where a vicar's house was fraudulently sold without his knowledge, resulting in significant personal and financial turmoil. This incident highlights the sophisticated nature of property fraud and the devastating impact it can have on unsuspecting individuals. Read more about this case on the BBC website.


Take action now

Don’t let yourself be a victim of property fraud. Our Anti Fraud Pack provides the security and peace of mind you need to ensure your property transaction is safe and sound. Contact us today to learn more and secure your pack.


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