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Steady Legal. Exchange Contracts in just 4 weeks!

The average property sale can take anything from 17 to 21 weeks. With our Law Society Sellers Pack, you can be exchange ready in as little as 4 weeks. 

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Maximise market impact – give buyers everything they need to make an informed buying decision.

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Avoid issues in the exchange and completion process. Minimise fall through rates, speed exchange dates & maximise your selling price.

With our Law Society Sellers Pack, you can be exchange ready in as little as 4 weeks

Usually £199+VAT – introductory offer £99+VAT


Deal done.

Properties sold with a Legal Pack have a 93% completion rate, as opposed to a 34% fall through rate.

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It takes just 30 minutes to complete the forms online. Use one of our solicitors and we’ll guarantee they will be exchange ready within 30 days.

Get ahead of the game

Want to be ready to go when you accept an offer but don’t want the expense of engaging a solicitor?

Our STEADY Law Society Seller’s Pack puts you in prime position to exchange – faster and smarter. 

We can also help you to complete searches up front too. No completion/No fee.

If your sale doesn’t go through when using one of our lawyers, you will not pay the conveyancing or search fees. 

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Save £120 – SellSmarter >

Everything we do is about helping you to sell your property faster and better. So you can SellSmart, or you can SellSmarter! Our SellSmarter pack includes everything you need:

Ready, steady, complete! 

  • READY Data Expert Report
  • STEADY Legal Pack
  • COMPLETE Survey


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