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SellSmart. Ready? Steady? Let's Complete!

The smart way to confidently sell your home faster.

A typical property sale can take more than 5 months. We can help you be exchange ready in just 4 weeks*– SellSmarter

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SellSmarter. Sell your property faster & better

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Complete Survey. Speed up your property sale

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Ready Data. Property data at a glance

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Steady Legal. Exchange Contracts in just 4 weeks!

Now only £99!

With our Law Society Sellers Pack, you can be exchange ready in as little as 4 weeks.

From £99.99

The property market is changing! New National Trading Standards legislation means you must supply potential purchasers with all the data they need to make an informed confident purchase.

As expert property professionals, we don’t see this new legislation as an obstacle. 

It’s an opportunity to help your property sell faster and smarter! 

Using advanced technology, we’ve put together a selection of options that include everything from an interactive report, to a complete survey that can make your property even more attractive to buyers.

In a fast-moving property market, we’ll help you stay up to speed.

A typical property sale can take more than 5 months. 

We can help you be exchange ready in just 4 weeks*.

Ask us how we can help you to get:



Get the data your potential buyer is looking for. From transportation links and broadband speeds, to local schools and planning history.. 



Fill out Law Society TA forms in just 30 minutes online to sell your home smarter and faster!



On average, 31% of property sales fall through. With a COMPLETE survey, 91% of sales go through - reducing the risk substantially. Allow your buyer to make a confident buying decision.


Get Ready to SellSmart: Get the Whole Bundle! 


When you’re upfront with your buyer, you can speed up the transaction, reduce the risk of fall through, minimise opportunities for renegotiation, and aim to maximise your sale price. 

Whether it's your building, property or home, our award-winning property experts can help


Which Property Survey?

Snagging list, HomeBuyers Report or building survey –which one is right for me. Choosing a home or building survey that's right for you is fairly simple…

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