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Designed to uncover hidden defects and issues in your new build home, our expert RICS surveyors meticulously inspect every detail, providing you with a photographic report to ensure your property meets the highest standards before you move in. 

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Why you need a Drone Roof Survey

Our expert and licensed drone surveyors will check the condition of your roof, chimneys and any hidden valleys. Hidden defects out of view can be very expensive to fix, and cause damage inside. Avoid nasty hidden surprises. 

What is a Snagging Checklist? 

A snagging list survey is an inspection of a new build home that can identify problems and defects with the property. It's particularly crucial considering the varying quality of new builds. While some are constructed with the utmost care, others can be rushed, leading to several issues. This inconsistency in quality led to the creation of the New Homes Ombudsman in 2021, underlining the need for thorough inspections.

According to the New Homes Review, more than 9 out of 10 new homeowners reported snags or defects in their new property once they moved in, with half of these individuals dissatisfied with the developer's response to rectify these faults.

With a snagging list survey conducted prior to completion, these problems can be identified earlier in the process, giving you the essential information needed to ensure that defects are addressed before you pick up the keys.


Benefits of Snagging List Survey

  • Peace of Mind
  • Save Money on Repairs
  • Expert and Professional Assessment
  • Enhances Property Value
  • Leverage in Negotiations
  • Prevents Future Legal Issues
  • Comprehensive Coverage

Snagging list surveys are a crucial step in the process of acquiring a new build property, providing assurance that the property meets expected standards and is free from defects before finalising the transaction. This not only secures your investment but also enhances your living experience in your new home.


Customer Feedback

“The snagging list proved its worth during the time of completion and now once again some month later.

Our developers missed numerous snagging issues that have caused us some problems.

Reverting back to our snagging list, which clearly highlights the defects, our developers have to remedy and rectify.

The service by Arnold & Baldwin has been detailed, accurate and the process seamless. I’d recommend Joe, and have done many times, to friends and family – in particular, family members who have bought commercial properties.”

Chris Heighton


“They did a Snagging survey for me. The report came out with delay,  but it was detailed and satisfactory. I would like to thank Mr. Ashley Royer, who did the survey, for spending considerable amount of time going through a survey with me and explain everything in full details. Ashley did a fantastic job.I would definitely recommend Ashley.”

Nima Sattari


“Arnold & Baldwin Chartered Surveyors provided a great snagging survey service. They were efficient and responsive, and the surveyor was a local expert who was very thorough and helpful. They even went the extra mile by going back for a second visit (free of charge) to check something. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a snagging survey.”

Luke Row

“…more than 9 out of 10 new homeowners reported snags or defects in their new property once they moved in.”

New Homes Review


Snagging List, what's included?

  • Our qualified RICS surveyors will inspect the property, and;
  • Prepare a photographic schedule of items which have not been completed satisfactorily. 
  • This document can then be submitted to the developer so they can conclude any remaining items prior to completion.
  • As an additional service this report can include a valuation of the finished property.
  • In some circumstances, a snagging list survey might be able to help to renegotiate with the developer.


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