Enhancing property surveys with cutting-edge technology

Embracing technology to enhance your property experience

At Arnold & Baldwin, we understand that technology is revolutionising the property industry. Often referred to as the new gold, data plays a pivotal role in our operations, but we never forget the human touch that truly defines our service.

Property expertise meets innovation

Our approach combines trusted data sets with the latest technological tools to support our hands-on inspections. While technology offers vast insights, the value of physically experiencing a property – feeling the slope of the floors, seeing the alignment of the walls, and detecting the subtle signs of damp and drainage issues – remains irreplaceable. 

Our experienced surveyors use technology as a powerful aide to diagnose and evaluate potential issues, drawing on comprehensive data regarding flood risks, soil stability, and recent transaction records to ensure accurate valuations.

Real-time insights, reliable results

We harness cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and depth of our property surveys. Our surveyors are equipped with iPads and have access to portals even while on-site, allowing them to consult historical land use maps, assess soil conditions, and review planning information. We can even provide insights into local amenities like mobile phone coverage and internet speeds.

A community of experts

Arnold & Baldwin is more than just a company; we are a community. Our headquarters is a hub of activity where our chartered surveyors gather to discuss complex property valuations and share insights about unique property defects discovered during surveys. Technology enhances this collaborative spirit, enabling our surveyors to connect via live video feeds to tackle complicated issues together – no matter where they are.

Continuous learning and adaptation

Our monthly company-wide meetings are vital for discussing technical challenges, updating industry knowledge, and responding to market changes. They are a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and expert communication.

Local Knowledge, Nationwide Coverage

Operating across England & Wales, Arnold & Baldwin leverages a trusted network of local surveyors, each an expert in their area. This network, supported by our robust use of technology, ensures that no matter where you or your family choose to move, we have a local honest, approachable expert ready to assist you.

Begin your property journey with confidence

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