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Embracing technology to protect you

Technology is evolving rapidly in the property industry, ‘data is the new gold’ and many facets are relying purely on data.

We combine datasets with the latest gadgets to assist our physical inspections.

There is no substitute for looking, touching and sometimes smelling a property!

Sloping floors underfoot, walls out of line to the eye, combined with the aromas of damp and blocked drains are yet to be conquered by AI. We use technology to assist us in the diagnosis and prognosis of issues, and data sets for flood, subsidence prone soil types and up to date comparable transactions for your valuation.  


Technology is evolving rapidly in our industry and it sit's within our hearts.

We work closely with our tech partners to ensure their offering is robust.

Our surveyors collect data on iPad’s and access portals whilst in the property you are acquiring. This gives access to historical land use maps, soil conditions, planning portals, we can even tell you mobile phone coverage and internet speeds if you like!


Technology is here to assist our surveyors and reduce the time taken to report to you.


At Arnold & Baldwin we have a HQ where all our surveyors are encouraged to congregate to share any complicated valuations or defects found onsite.

Technology has moved this on a step and enables surveyors to communicate on-site sharing any complex issues found via live video feeds. Our values of being honest, approachable experts encourages the team to communicate together. They all share values, so they are all friends. 

Our monthly company wide meetings are used as a forum for discussing technical issues, industry updates and market changes. 

Arnold & Baldwin operate and provide property surveys across the whole of England & Wales via our trusted partner network of local surveyors in the local area.

Wherever you or your family are moving to, we have a local expert on hand, once again utilising technology to bring surveyors together for your benefit. 

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