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Arnold & Baldwin’s vision is to protect your investment. Acquiring property is an exciting time and we aim to instil confidence by de-risking your property purchase. Our team of honest, approachable experts specialise in property surveys and valuations throughout London and the South East. The home buying process is often ranked as one of the most stressful transitions in life. Knowledge is power. Expert advice gives y ou confidence in your investment. We deliver expert knowledge with accuracy, care and diligence.

Working with over 200 lending institutions we understand the requirements of lenders and investors. As honest, approachable experts we also understand the requirements of an individual or family embarking on a home move. Big enough to matter, small enough to care. In one year we inspected over 6,500 properties, with a value in excess of £3.2bn. Protect your investment.

Rics Board Member – Rated outstanding

Joe Arnold sits on RICS Residential Survey & Valuation Professional Group providing the RICS with industry insights helping shape the future of the profession.

RICS is the globally renowned regulatory body for the property industry, incorporating Royal Charter, and ensuring confidence in the quality and ethics of professionals. All of our surveyors are accredited and registered associate or full members of the RICS.

Our brand values

We work with customers who share our core values


Honesty is paramount in our culture


Improving communication and confidence with clients


De-risking investments resulting in confident decision making.

whether it's your building, property or home...

Our Award-winning experts will
protect your investment

Croydon business awards 2014
Croydon business awards 2013
FSB Surrey Business Awards 2014
South London Business Awards 2013
Croydon business awards 2016
Mortgage strategy awards 2017
British lending awards 2018

Technology and quality at our hearts

Our Managing Director is a member of RICS Residential Survey & Valuation Professional Group, advising RICS on current affairs and market conditions. This provides Arnold & Baldwin with access to the latest information from other industry leaders, helping to protect your investment.

Technology is evolving rapidly in our industry. We work closely with our tech partners to ensure their offering is robust. Our surveyors collect data on iPad’s and access portals whilst in the property you are acquiring. This gives access to historical land use maps, soil conditions, planning portals, we can even tell you mobile phone coverage and internet speeds if you like! Technology is here to assist our surveyors and reduce the time taken to report to you.

In our industry many surveyors are home based. At Arnold & Baldwin we have a central office where all surveyors are encouraged to congregate to share any complicated valuations or defects found onsite. Technology enables surveyors to communicate on-site sharing any complex issues via live video feeds. Our values of being honest, approachable experts encourages the team to communicate together.

Property market surveys and updates are available from a number of sources. They are not centralised in one location though. Our monthly company wide meetings are used as a forum for discussing technical issues, industry updates and market changes. We produce a snapshot of the leading industry market updates, along with any local issues arising. This ensures our surveyors are fully aware of all matters in your area.

Dream Home or Worst Nightmare?

Buying your new home can quickly become your worst nightmare. A home survey will help you realise your dream and help you buy with confidence. Find out more about the importance of a home survey here

The Importance of a Home Survey

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