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We understand the need to provide a robust quality report to assess the property value (often against your lending criteria) as quickly as possible. This is what we do day in day out.

If you have an urgent case please call us and we will aim to process it for you within 24-48 hours where possible. Then go into corporate literature.

Corporate and commercial property services

Arnold & Baldwin’s vision is to protect your investment. It services over 200 lending institutions. Managing Director, Joe Arnold is a member of RICS Residential Survey & Valuation Professional Group, placing the business at the heart of the profession to support your valuation requirements. The focus is to undertake good quality diligent reports within a time efficient manner. Internal auditing, and training and development functions create a robust process de-risking your investment.

Arnold & Baldwin is a modern general practice firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in commercial and residential secured lending valuations, from its base in South London. Its’ expanding team of honest, approachable experts offer coverage throughout London and the South East of England.

The team has expert valuation knowledge from a wide spectrum of the UK’s leading firms, alongside some of its very own trained and developed surveyors. The experience of the team, coupled with modern techniques, provides your credit partners with a clear, concise report to rely upon, which is also easy for customers to understand.

As the economic climate has changed and evolved, valuation reporting has had to adapt to provide the increased level of information required by Credit Partners and Underwriters. Reports are tailored to your specific requirements, to ensure you have all of the information you require, to protect your investment.

Arnold & Baldwin works with its clients prior to instruction. This approach enables individual cases to have input from a valuation surveyor, whilst considering a potential lending proposition.

Direct mobile and e-mail addresses are available for all surveyors, giving you access to the information when you need it most.

Fees can be arranged on a fixed scale or a case by case basis, to remain competitive for your customers. If needed we agree fees and take payment all by modern methods directly from your clients.

All reports are undertaken to the highest standards using modern methods of valuation.

Comparable data is sourced through Co Star, egI, eig, LonRes, and RightMove Plus to name a few. Surveyors discuss each property with the relevant local expert agents to ensure the most up to date active information is available at all times.

Our tailor made reports provide as much detail as your Credit Partners and Underwriters require. Bespoke instruction letters are agreed when joining a panel to ensure the valuation reports meet all of your needs.

SWOT analysis, market analysis, and management issues are all addressed, thus mitigating risk and protecting your investment moving forward.

If a property is found to not be suitable security for an advance of funds, we assist in seeking ways to improve the asset, enabling your client to undertake the necessary remedies to make the property suitable as security.

Valuation sign off limits are in place and countersigned by a senior valuation surveyor prior to submission, thus mitigating risk and ensuring consistency of reporting.

Post-valuation services. From time to time, queries are raised on valuation reports. It may be that planning permission is not in place, structural repairs have been made in the past or there are right of way issues. This information is often only made available as the property is moving towards exchange of contracts, and pressure is often high. To defuse the situation, all our surveyors mobile and email addresses are available so we can respond to your query as soon as possible. Additional reports are sometimes necessary. We hold details of structural engineers, damp and timber infestation specialists, electrical engineers and arboriculturalists to name but a few, ensuring all additional reports are undertaken as swiftly as is practicable. As honest approachable experts we are here to help, not hinder the process.

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