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Property Valuation for Probate

Secure accurate property valuations for probate from trusted RICS valuers at Arnold & Baldwin. Navigate estate responsibilities with precision during sensitive times.

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When a loved one passes, handling the estate becomes a necessary yet challenging duty. It's crucial that executors secure a precise property valuation for probate purposes as of the date of passing. This probate valuation ensures you fulfil your responsibilities effectively and uphold your fiduciary duties with confidence.

Independent RICS valuations you can trust

As experienced probate valuers, we provide an independent RICS valuation which is the most reliable basis for any decisions regarding the estate. Whether assessing for probate taxation or planning for future capital gains tax implications should you retain the property, our expert valuations are designed to serve your exact needs.

Support through challenging times

Dealing with probate is often overwhelming, with many new challenges emerging. Our surveyors are not just experts in their field—they are compassionate professionals who understand the emotional weight of this period. We aim to offer not only precise valuation services but also support and guidance to help you navigate this difficult time.

We provide prompt, accurate reports and can liaise directly with your legal advisors. If the need arises, we also conduct retrospective valuations if the date of death was some time ago. Should you decide to sell the property, we’re well-versed in the local real estate market and can recommend the best route for sale, whether through a local estate agent, an online platform, or an auction service.

Understanding probate and capital gains tax (CGT)

Probate involves clearing the deceased’s debts and distributing their assets according to their will. If you later sell any inherited property, you may be liable for capital gains tax on any increase in value, which varies depending on your income and the size of the gain.

A probate valuation is crucial for managing an estate after someone has passed away. Here are some key benefits of obtaining a probate valuation:



  • Legal Compliance: Ensures that the executor complies with the law by accurately reporting the estate's value for probate and tax purposes.
  • Tax Accuracy: Helps in accurately calculating any inheritance tax due. An accurate valuation ensures that the estate pays the correct amount of tax, avoiding potential penalties for underpayment or the possibility of overpaying.
  • Fair Distribution: Assists in the fair distribution of the estate’s assets among beneficiaries. A valuation provides a clear basis for dividing assets according to the deceased’s wishes or legal requirements.
  • Financial Planning: Enables beneficiaries to make informed financial decisions regarding the inherited property, including understanding potential future tax liabilities such as capital gains tax if they decide to sell the property.
  • Dispute Resolution: Minimises disputes among heirs by providing a definitive, professional valuation of the estate's assets, which can be critical in contentious probate situations.
  • Retrospective Valuation: Offers the ability to perform retrospective valuations if the estate includes assets that should have been valued at a date in the past, thus providing necessary historical context and accuracy.
  • Market Insight: Professional valuers bring their understanding of the current market conditions to bear, which can be invaluable if the estate includes unique or specialised assets whose values are not immediately apparent.
  • Efficiency and Support: Professional valuers can expedite the probate process by providing clear, well-documented valuations and by liaising directly with legal advisors and other relevant parties.

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