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Intermediate property Survey, also know as a HomeBuyers or property report

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Our honest, approachable experts will provide a professional opinion of value for a property and the reinstatement cost at the time of the inspection with respect to the prevailing market.

What is a HomeBuyer report?

A homeBuyer report is the most popular Property Survey for buyers. An economic but detailed survey, suitable for most residential properties.

HomeBuyer options

Option 1: HomeBuyer Report

Describes the condition of each element of the property, comments on defects, advises on repairs and maintenance, offers an overall opinion and summarises condition ratings.

Option 2: HomeBuyer Report and Valuation

Same as above, but also provides a market value and reinstatement cost for insurance purposes.

This report gives you more detailed information and provides an independent valuation of the property. It includes a more extensive inspection of the property with guidance on defects that may affect the value of the property.

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Features: What's in a HomeBuyer report?

  • Describes the construction and condition of the property on the date of inspection
  • Aims to identify any problems that need urgent attention or are serious
  • Aims to identify things that need to be investigated further to prevent serious damage
  • Aims to tell about problems that may be dangerous
  • Aim to show up potential issues and defects, before any transaction takes place
  • Aims to help you decide whether you need extra advice before committing to a purchase
  • Aims to enable you to budget for any repairs or restoration
  • Aims to advise you on the amount of ongoing maintenance required in the future
  • Provides a reinstatement cost to help you avoid under or over-insurance
  • Provides a market valuation if requested.

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