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What is the purpose of a Desktop valuation?

A desktop valuation generally refers to any valuation undertaken with limited or indirectly sourced information and where a full inspection of a property has not taken place.

Essentially this means that, in qualifying circumstances, our experts are able to arrive at a reasonable opinion of value from their desk.

This may include the valuation of new-build properties and developments where the property is not finished and the valuation is based on plans and specifications of the finished product provided by the developer, usually alongside a site inspection.

Other valuations may allow for just an external inspection of a pre-existing property, however, this type of valuation is only suitable for certain properties in qualifying circumstances. As such, it is reserved for those common and traditional properties which the surveyor can recognise as being of a certain type, style and arrangement. It is not suitable in instances where too many potential variables mean the expertise of the surveyor cannot reasonably determine the arrangement of the property, particularly flats, larger houses, those that have been extended, or those of non-traditional construction and uncommon design.

Despite the expertise of our surveyors, a desktop valuation where the internal order and specification of a property has not been determined will often provide a wider range of values and subsequently a more conservative valuation.

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