Buying a new property? Choosing the right survey

A property is one of the largest purchase you’re likely to make and so choosing the right survey is paramount in protecting your investment. Ensure your property is valued correctly, and the true condition of your property is revealed with our HomeBuyer Report or Building surveys.



Hello, I'm Joe Arnold from Arnold and Baldwin Chartered Surveyors. I must hear almost every customer, buying a residential property ask, which survey would I recommend. Understandably you're about to spend a huge amount of money so it's really important that you get the right advice, I appreciated it's expensive time but believe me, it will only become more expensive if you choose not to undertake a survey. Our vision is to protect your investment as honest approach for experts. This clip has been created to help you to decide which survey is right for the property that you are buying.

No doubt, you'll be getting a mortgage. Banks will require a mortgage valuation to be undertaken, and it simply is, that it is a valuation report that the lender will need to have undertaken so that they can assess what the property's worth, and whether or not they want to lend the money against that property. If you don't pay your mortgage, they will be looking to repossess it, and that is the purpose of that report. If you are looking for someone yourself to have a look at the condition of the property, then there are two other options, there is the HomeBuyer report and the Building survey. The HomeBuyer report is designed for your traditional 1930s semi-detached houses or your detached 1960s properties, something which is in relatively good order and doesn't need to have too much work undertaken. Within this report we look at the main walls, the roof, the chimneys, we look at the guttering, we look at the plot, the drive, check the drains internally, we go into the lofts, I assume you haven't been up into the loft and get covered in those cobwebs, we will do that for you, to make sure there's no defects up there. We check the damp, woodwork, look at the electrics, heating system, kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, the walls, we also check whether anything has been altered structurally, so that your solicitor who won't go to the property can also then raise questions for you.

The next step will be a Building Survey, and this is more designed for properties that are unique. So let's say a barn conversion, or an oast house, or perhaps a property which is in pretty poor condition and needs everything doing, this sort of property would need a building survey, which just goes into that bit more depth, so it is a bespoke report for that property. We can take drainage experts with us, we can take roofing contractors with us, we can look at potentials to extend, or if you've got any other options that you're looking to undertake once you've bought the property, then this is the more bespoke tailor-made reports for that style of property.

At Arnold and Baldwin Chartered Surveyors, we're here to help you, so please do pick up the phone and we're all more than happily have a look online at the property that you're buying, and we will give you our honest view of the type of report that we think is best suited for that property. We always promise never to up the seller product so please do feel free to contact us. 

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